Clinical Team

Nurse Practitioners

John Kenny

Carole Hatten

Ann Fox-Begley

Anna Baxter

Our nurse practitioners are trained to diagnose and treat a variety of ailments. These include coughs & chest infections, sore throats & tonsillitis or painful swallowing, headaches, nasal congestion, cold/flu symptoms, earache & ear discharge, muscle strains including neck/back pain, diarrhoea/vomiting, urinary infections, acute asthma & flares of COPD, skin complaints. However, a lot of minor ailments can be treated at your local pharmacy under the Pharmacy First Service often prescription items can be provided under the NHS free prescription service. Its often useful to ask at your local “Pharmacy First”

Specialist Nurses

June Lindsay

June is our own specialist practice nurse who is able to monitor and prescribe for complex medical conditions, including diabetes, cardiovascular disease, asthma and COPD.

Mental Health Triage Nurse

Seonad Parker

Seonad will triage people over 18 years of age for mental health problems such as low mood, anxiety, depression, bereavement, sleep issues, stress, relationship difficulties recent emotional trauma, domestic stress.

First Contact Physiotherapist

Physiotherapists, based in the Practice, with expertise in the assessment and management of musculoskeletal conditions. Book direct via Reception, no need to see the GP or ANP for referral

Primary Care Nurses

Michelle Ferguson

Robyn Latto

Michelle & Robyn from the Health & Social Care Partnership support the Practice. They perform a wide range of nursing procedures such as smears, warfarin management, as well as running clinics for the management of various chronic diseases. They also offer health screening and lifestyle advice. They can both prescribe long term condition medications.

Community & Treatment & Care Nurse (Treatment Room)

Kim Band

The Health & Social Care Partnership, to ensure patients get the right care at the right place, are placing CTAC Nurses within General Practice. CTAC nurses provide services to patients such as, wound care, ear irrigation, B12 injections, removal of sutures.


We have both practice team and NHS Fife Health & Social Care Partnership employed staff who are trained and approved to take blood samples.

Community Nurses

The practice has a fully qualified team of District Nurses. Their duties include visiting housebound patients in their own homes irrespective of age, giving practical assistance and offering professional advice. Each patient’s needs are assessed and the care/treatment is planned accordingly. District Nursing Sisters are experienced Registered General Nurses with a Certificate or Diploma in District Nursing. The District Nurses can be contacted by telephoning 01333 425656 during normal working hours.

Health Visitors

The Practice has a Health Visitor team attached. They work largely with families and the under 5s following up health developmental and child care problems. They are also available to visit all members of the community, particularly the elderly and handicapped and have a very important role in health promotion. They are closely involved in Smoking Cessation, Weight Reduction. Infant vaccinations are now organised and given by a separate childhood immunisations team.